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Wanted to share this with everyone. Every morning I wake up , get coffee then log into a few websites. After that I say good morning to all my Skype friends and groups.

Then at 10:00 am est I go on to The Morning Motivator. My friend Mentor and Moderator of TMM is on vacation this week. So Tamra Trowbridge has taken the reins and everyone was asked to pick a day and speak about how TMM has changes there life. Today it was my turn and this is what I said. 

” Good Morning everyone! First I like to give you a little back ground on myself.

I grew up in the small town of Pawling N.Y.
I have not always been what some might call a politically correct person. I am a more of down to earth person. I call them as I see them . Some times this was not always the right thing to do. I acted on impulse instead of thinking things through before I opened my mouth. Sometimes I still do. This never got me in to much trouble through the years, although I always knew I was different.
I was also a bit of a tom boy! Not to feminine. Heck I even owned a whole set of Hot wheels and had a mini bike. Oh I miss those days! I have been through so much over the years, way to much to tell here on today’s call.

My journey started on the internet in the late 80’s.
Looking for a better way of life. I meet a Ton of people, I didn’t even know throughout the years. Really nice people to.
Through this journey I would get aggravated trying to learn new things as things kept changing on the internet, as they still do. I would leave for a while and then come back again. This went on for a long time.

Until……About 7 or 8 years ago , A good friend of mine sent me a book..It is called The Secret by Rhonda Burns.
As a matter of fact he is in this room right now.
Thank You with big hugs to you Thomas … because I believe
this was a Huge turning point for me.
This was the first time I was introduced to The Law of attraction.

After being off and on the internet since the late 80’s , around 2 or 3 years ago
I meet Janet and was introduced to The Morning Motivator.
When I first came to this group, I thought wow.. these people had lost there minds!
But I stayed…because I knew there was something here for me.
Something I did not fully understand yet. Janet voice was so soothing and relaxing to me
when she was reading, almost like a mother reading to her child.
Everyone was reading Ask and it is given. They were almost done with the book.
Soon they were moving onto The Vortex.
The Vortex is what pulled me in to stay (No pun intended). Things became clearer for me.
I started to understand why I was here.
One day I went to buy a new decoration for the house.
I was leaning towards a lava lamp. When I went to look and see what they had
Low and behold was one called THE Vortex.
I just knew the universe was calling to me and this was the one for me.
Kind of weird but I knew I was being directed.
Things just started to fall into place for me. Like
In one of our meditation sessions..
I had a vision…It was of me and my father.. I was much younger.
I forgot what we were doing in this vision. Should have written it down. It was so overwhelming and so unexpected.
It seemed so real, like I could reach out and touch him. I was always close to my father,
so It was an experience I will always treasure.

When I come to TMM I get that same feeling… of Love, joy and tranquility.
Like I am safe and surrounded by friends. Because I know I am!
I have learned some valuable lessons since meeting Janet and coming to TMM. Like
Think before I speak, flush it away, think good thoughts, don’t sweat the small stuff,
get in your Vortex and be happy. The most valuable thing I have
learned is you can have a new day everyday and The Great Secret of life is The law of Attraction!
Thank You Janet and the Morning Motivator and to all my friends that are here
every day to support each other…. Remember we love you and Always be happy!
Hope I didn’t take up to much of your time or bore you to sleep….
I give the room back to You Tamra!”

The Morning Motivator is the place to be…Nothing is sold and there is nothing to buy.
Just a little bit of your time every day to a new you!

If you like to join us on TMM Feel free to attend! It is open to everyone!

10:00 am EST
Join Us Here

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Eileen Harvey Eileen Harvey is a Native to Pawling NY. Moving on in her life, she landed herself a home in Dayton,Ohio where she currently has resided for the last 20+ years. Eileen went to college for Multi-skilled healthcare and holds two certificate in Phlebotomy and Medical Coding. While learning on her own about Mac and PC has taught Eileen how to multi-task computer programs on both systems. Eileen has worked on-line since the late 80′s and learning from the best, has developed an ability for niche, video and social media marketing and a talent for website design. She is currently a stay at home care giver,internet marketer and website designer. Eileen currently has 3 websites of her own and designing for clients. Contact Eileen by email: eharvey@eileenharvey.com

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