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Are you an entrepreneur looking for a new way of marketing? Maybe you are just a beginner in this ever changing world of marketing. No matter what the case may be, if you are an Entrepreneur and you haven’t done marketing with mobile yet, your leaving money on the table!
Have you noticed how popular smart-phones have become?Almost everyone you see has some kind of a smartphone. People can hardly put them down.You see them using these phones while walking down the street or the forbidden talking while driving. They are everywhere! Just recently there were droves of long lines to get the new I-phone 5. People were standing in line for hours for this moment. Heck one person even sold their tickets in line to late comers. According to a recent article on Forbes.com a consumers states: “I was asked for $150” said one new iPhone 5 buyer, who showed up at the store at 7:45 a.m. and asked not to be identified. “I offered her $100, which she debated for a while. When I showed her the $100 in cash, she accepted, and she wasn’t the only one selling her tickets.” This along with many other stories was all over the news.

Analyst think the company could sell as many as 10 million in the first week. That’s just I company and 1 phone. Do you realize how many people are using smart phones? According to one research firm, by the end of January 2012 there is projected to be 101.3 million smartphone users, with Apples ios only making up 29.5% of users. Android makes up another 48.6% and RIM (Research in Motion) making up an additional 15.2% of smartphone users.

The statistics alone are astronomical. While using mobile marketing in your business, if you pulled just 10% of sales from those stats, could you make some money? You bet you should! The statistics should be proof enough that if your not using mobile marketing in your business you should be! Marketing with Mobile  is very easy to learn and very profitable if done the right way.

If you are new to mobile marketing you should take a look at Mobile Monoppoly. This a great course that will teach you how to quickly and easily reach your customers through marketing with mobile. No matter what you decide today, put this new technique to work in your business. There is one thing that is certain….Mobile Marketing is “Not” the way of the future, Mobile Marketing is “NOW”!






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   Mobile Monopoly


I personally used Mobile Monopoly and It worked well! When you follow the directions,

you will be building your list to be making your money!

If you want to take your business to the next level

and go mobile, this is a good program to add.

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