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Google Chrome Not Updating: Solved on Windows 8

Google Chrome Not Updating: Solved on Windows 8

Have you noticed that something is not quite right with Chrome? Yes you guess it, it is not updating. It has been several months since I have noticed Google Chrome not updating. This morning as I woke up early, it was time to investigate this issue. The only way I really knew about this was the anti- virus told me there was an issue at install level. Install level? Really? It seemed to install just fine!
I proceeded to open up Google Chrome and search all the setting in Chrome. It wasn’t until I clicked on” help” in the chrome settings area on the left hand side , that is where the issue is showing. There was an icon next to the words (something like) “ updates disabled by Administrator”. Again, Really? I am the Administrator and I did not turn this off. Time to Google, Google Chrome issue!

The search criteria “chrome updates are disabled by the administrator”. Bingo! This turned up a huge amount of results. It is amazing how many people had this same issue. It has something to do with Chrome policies and they have the wrong number in the registry key. But I won’t get into all that here. The purpose here is to tell you and show you how to solve this issue.

First thing you’ll want to do is open chrome and check the help section in settings. See if you have the “updates disabled by administrator” warning symbol. If it shows checking for updates you are fine. If you have the symbol then proceed to next step. In windows 8 (if you have a touch screen and your on the desktop,not the app area) swipe your finger left on the right hand side of the screen to bring up search. Type “regedit” in the search criteria, hit enter. Click on the regedit icon when it comes up. If you do not have a touch screen you can get to the regedit file from the desktop by clicking the files folder on the bottom of your screen. Scroll down till you see Your Computer “C:” The high light it by clicking. In The search area type “regedit” Should show right up.

WARNING: Please be careful in these files as you may inadvertently erase something important! (I will not be responsible for your actions).

Next from either of these locations find and open the down arrow of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Look for Software> then Policies> Google> Update. Once you have located the correct file, click or double click on “Update Default” file. A box will pop up. If your number in the box is 0, that will need to be changed to 1. Click “OK” then restart your computer.

Once the computer restarts go back and open up Chrome. Go to The “ Help” section again under settings and check to make sure your now getting updates. This should have solved the problem of not getting updates. For Further instructional information: see Video Below.

Google Chrome Not Updating: Solved on Windows 8

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